This Trick Will Help You Talk To Anyone!

This Trick Will Help You Talk To Anyone!

Hello, everyone! This is SaraiJacobs. And today we’re going to talk about how to talk easily to people (strangers) about your business idea, your business opportunity and how to recruit new people. Even though we don’t like the word “recruit”. That’s what it is – how’d you just get into a conversation with a stranger? It’s not easy!

I totally get that because it wasn’t easy for me at the beginning either, even though I’m a very extroverted person. Somehow this was very difficult for me because it wasn’t just getting into a conversation with someone to just have a conversation with a stranger. It was getting into a conversation with someone with a business idea behind it. Or trying to make it a business conversation. And that would totally block me in the beginning. I’m being a hundred percent transparent with you. 

So the first thing in finding the courage to talk to someone, it can be even a family member or friend, but to excel in this strength and this courage to talk to someone is that we must be convinced of what we’re sharing with them.

We must be convinced of what we are offering to other people. And this part, is super important. And it might take some time getting used to. You might not be convinced of it the first day, or you might be convinced of a little part of it, but not everything. So you have to spend time maybe reading about what you’re offering, watching videos, really feeling it for yourself, being the result of it. Having your own testimonial. If you don’t have this passion about sharing something that is really good for other people, you will always have those excuses as to why you’re not sharing it. Postponing it for another day for postponing these scary, new conversations for another week. Does this sound familia? “Now is just not the best time for the other person” .. and the excuses continue. 

So first step is that you really work on how you feel about what you’re offering to the other person. Do you feel good with it? Would you change something or do you need to get to know it a little bit better too, to really be convinced about it? This is something that only you can know how you feel about it right now, but it’s crucial. If you’re not super convinced about it the way you communicate will not be one hundred percent honest. 

And that brings me to the next step, people we feel whenever someone is being honest with them or whenever they’re just trying to sell something and no one likes to be sold something. But we all like to buy, so this is, this is something super interesting and experts in sales they all talk about that. People don’t like to be sold something, but they like to buy. So sales are positive, but people want to feel that they chose to do that too. They chose to buy what you’re offering other than choose to buy you. Because at the end, we’re just telling ourselves, right? We’re selling the way we are, the relationship that we might have with a person. That’s why it’s very important, that you are one hundred percent authentic and honest, because that will arrive to the other person. And maybe that person might have technical questions that you cannot answer right now, but if they feel that you’re authentic and that you’re being real it will give them the confidence of knowing that they can trust you. And trust my friends, trust is the key point. 

If someone doesn’t trust you or what you’re offering, they will never buy you. It helps me to make the point of talking to people fun and easy. We are already convinced about what we’re doing and what we’re offering, and we communicate it in the most authentic and real way possible. We just don’t pretend to be someone else, we are just us. That’s the best thing to do. And then it’s just seeing every opportunity you have in your daily life to approach someone. It might be while you’re lining up to pay the supermarket, you have people in front of you and you have people behind you. So you have people surrounding you that you can talk to, or it might be in the bank while waiting to be the next one,  and so on and so on. There are so many opportunities in our daily life to make new contexts and new conversations. And sometimes it’s as easy as just getting into a place and just saying, “hello, good afternoon, or good day” and see who is responding to that.

And then maybe starting a conversation from something more easy. “Oh! We have nice weather today” or “I  love your dress. That’s super cool. Where did you buy it?” It doesn’t always have to be directly into business. It’s all about making new contacts and creating this conversation, allowing a conversation to exist.So that there’s a potential opportunity to get into talking about business, but you don’t have to talk about business from the very first beginning. This is something that I chose for myself. I know that there are many different approaches, many different techniques, but I don’t feel comfortable when I have to approach someone on the streets, stopping them on the street and just asking like “hey would you be open to buying this?” I don’t like it when they do it with me, so I don’t do it with others because I don’t feel comfortable with that technique.

I’d rather get into a conversation with someone. If it’s offline and in real life about the situation that we are both in at that moment and then bring it up organically. Maybe asking questions like “oh, are you from this area?” “what do you do that might bring you to all that? So cool. And how is it working?” “How is this industry working nowadays?” Did this person get affected by anything or is it working well and maybe that might bring you to the point that the person says. “Yeah, it’s kind of good, but I’m looking for something alternative”. That’s a perfect cheerleader for you. If you’re offering a business or if you’re offering a product or a service, always try to create a context for that.

Online is very different from offline. You can be more direct. I would really recommend that you are personal, but then at some point you get to the point of why you want to start a conversation with someone online that you don’t know. And to me, I tried to change it from a fear into a game. Because in the beginning, I was terrible. I felt terrified about talking to strangers. And as I said before, I’m a very open person. Usually I’m talking to everyone and making new friends all of the time. But when it was all about business, I would just get totally blocked. And I had to find a way to change that, to change this belief, this fear and I had to turn it into something positive.

So I changed it and I transformed it into a game. How many new people I could talk in one day, how many new conversations I could ignite in one day. zAnd at some point it was, not only fun, but it became natural. And that’s the point when, when you just, don’t really think of it anymore. You’re starting a conversation with a stranger that’s when it really works.

Because you are one hundred percent natural and you’re one hundred percent authentic and you’re you. And that’s the best way to work. And as I said, online is a little bit different. You can look for people through hashtags locations, groups, topics and see if they have similar values than you have, or that the product or service that you’re offering could be aligned with their lifestyle. Then it’s just getting in touch with them and talking a little bit via dms. Then also telling them why you are trying to connect with them. And if they’re open, good. And if not, next! The same happens in real life. 

The real problem is this fear of rejection, no one likes to be rejected and I  get it. But it’s natural. We have this fear to be rejected, but we don’t have to experience this as rejection. It might not be the right timing for the personal or simply it’s not the right person for you and your business opportunity. That’s why you’re also not the right person for them. 

There are so, so many people on this planet just don’t be afraid and don’t get frustrated when you talk  many people and you get all “no” to your business opportunity. Just see if you can improve something in your way presenting that. It’s all part of the process. It’s all about numbers. You have to talk to a lot of people to find the ones who are interested in what you’re doing, and this happens to you and it happens to every other entrepreneur.

So it’s not that you are different. That you’re doing everything wrong or doesn’t have success. Everyone goes through that, but not many people will tell you. That’s also true. Not many people recognize that not everything is always perfect. There’s also this fear of being imperfect. I see it. I think imperfection is okay, amazing actually! Because it shows us that we’re human and it gives us the opportunity to improve and become better every time. 

I hope that this post helped you. I talk about this mindset about. Having the right approach in life, choosing how you want to see things. If you want to see things in a positive way and decide to be happy or not, it’s all on you. So make sure that you decide to be the version that has the results that you wish for. 

See you all next time!



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