The Importance Of Leadership.

The Importance Of Leadership.

Hello everyone! This is Sarai Jacobs. And today we’re gonna talk about leadership. As you can see by now, like to talk about it but I’m not a great writer, another person that dedicated many years in studying leadership and writing about it is John Maxwell. And today I just want to summarize a few points that I personally think that are super important when he talks about qualities that our leaders should develop. And when you say qualities, you could say also say skills, you could also say aspects of your personality. 

We grow as people we also trigger or inspire other people to do the same, which is at the end, the best thing about leadership. So one point that I really like that he talks about in his commitment and commitment is such a huge word, right? And it can be very scary by the way. Well, depending on how you think about it. I know that a lot of people are like, “ugh commitment”. I’m committing to something and I will never be able to have another point of view or think differently. And I personally think that commitment is not about that. Commitment is more about being honest with ourselves. If we decided something, if we said, I want to pursue this, I want to achieve that, I want to become what commitment is. Even if it’s a good day or if it’s a rainy day and you feel like totally unmotivated, sticking to little actions, thoughts, influences that will lead you or bring you closer to whatever goal you had because at the end of the day, no one has a perfect life. We all are human. So we bleed and that means that we all go through good situations and not so good situations by commitment makes a huge difference because I, if I really committed with myself and I really put value on whatever I want to achieve and or whatever I want to become.

This commitment is the only thing that will give me this persistence that I will be there every day. And actually persistence is a very important point because it’s not about making huge improvements every day, but at least staying there and like doing little steps. This is much more valuable than doing huge steps three days in a row. And then being stuck for four days, it’s better that you just do little steps, but towards the direction you want to go and you persist in that. And you’re continuously doing that, then doing a lot at once and then stopping completely. So commitment is a very important point and I’m sure we all can improve that. All of it. Communication is another point, because if I’m not able to communicate with others in a way that they can understand me or that I’m taking the time and allowing myself to see things from a different point of view, from a different perspective, to also understand others. That will be a huge problem because we know that most things are missing or understandings that haven’t because of a lack of communication. If I had understood from the other person that that person wanted that, or if that person had understood from me that I . was fine to do this. Probably something that became a problem would have never happened from the beginning. So communication is a big thing to work on I can really recommend you to turn the stint.

There is so much power in communication. And if you feel that you can improve in that, do it because we all understand things in a different way. The same message can be understood in so many different ways, because it also depends on what part of the world you were born or what part of the world had the biggest influence in your work culture? So that means that communication depends on a lot of what is happening around you? What has influences on you as a personality, how you understand things. And it’s very important that if you’re willing to work with other people, that you’re also open to see other points of view, other perspectives, because that will allow you to understand them. And then it’s easy to communicate with that other person. 

And I liked the part of courage. I think an entrepreneur, someone who really wants to develop leadership needs a lot of courage because you’re facing the unknown. And I think that is the part that could be more scared for most of people. Like I don’t have a plan. I’m not, I don’t know what’s going to happen, how it will happen, and this can be very scary for people who need things very planned. It can be very for myself, it’s this adventure of not knowing what’s going to happen to me. It’s super motivating, but I know that other people need a clear structure. So courage means that even though you’re scared, you decide to do and you don’t know what’s going to happen. But you decide to do whatever is needed to be done in that moment or to do that phone call or to answer that email or to take a decision that maybe you didn’t want to take.

Because at the end, that will bring you closer to your resolution. And even though sometimes we prefer the comfort of being home on the sofa or not having to take decisions that might be difficult we also know that this comfort zone will not take us where we really want to go. So courage is needed if you are someone who is an entrepreneur, or if you want to develop leadership, because it means that you’re facing everything that is outside of this comfort zone.

But that is really taking you to your goals. And I would say that courage and bravery, right? Depending on how you want to talk about it or how you want to express it, they go hand in hand and they’re almost the same. And it’s not that people would decide to be an entrepreneur and obscure.They are scared like everyone else, but even if they feel scared, they decide to act, they decide to handle because that’s the only way to face that and also to achieve the result they’re looking for. A very good point that I personally think that it’s super important if you want to become a person that inspires others and that can trigger others, this thought of “hey, maybe I can achieve the things that I want for myself too”.

It’s generosity and generosity doesn’t have to do specifically with money. It has to do with willing to give your best, whatever you’re good in your time. And I don’t expect anything in return somehow life pays it back to me and much more than I had given. And it doesn’t have to be with the same person or in the same situation. It can be that it comes from another part, but being generous is super important. If we don’t develop that, because I know that often we are taught to keep for ourselves, whatever we have, right. Our sources. And I don’t know the knowledge and don’t share what you know, because if other people know it too, then they have maybe the same results and you have, or they will have better results. This to me is so old, honestly, don’t do that. Don’t follow that path because if others know what, you know, isn’t that amazing because maybe they can also share it with other people and more people can benefit from it.

We don’t own the knowledge, knowledge doesn’t belong to us. And knowledge is there to be shared experiences are there to be shared. If I don’t share whatever I can learn in this life, what was it worth? If I take it with me, what was it worth? So it’s important to be generous and generous is something that has to do with willing to help others willing to support artists, willing to share with others.Right? Of course you have to have your own initiative. You have to be proactive because if you don’t make things happen, things will not fall from sky and just appear in front of you. You have to be there and you have to get into action to make things happen. Don’t wait for it. Live, bring it to you and just putting it in wrapping it up with a nice present paper because that will not happen. That’s that’s a fantasy, sorry. So you have to have your own initiative. You have to get into action. Find the people that can help you work on these things that you want to achieve. 

It’s not an end result. It’s a decision. And it’s something that I carry with me no matter what, because amongst everything. At the end I am the one deciding how I want to see life and how I want to experience it and how I want to face everything in life. So being a positive person is a decision that you made, how you want to see things. What, what is the learning you want to take out of that? Uh, I already said that many times, but I am a true believer that sometimes we win and sometimes we learn there’s no failing, unless you don’t really learn something out of that. Otherwise it was a win too, because there are people paying a lot of money to get to college, to meet masters, to have, I don’t know, many degrees to just get knowledge. And you might have that knowledge through an experience that you didn’t have to pay for it. So learning is super important. Another point that I read in like about the list of qualities that Maxwell talks about. Problem solving. And this is super important. People who make things happen, people weren’t good at trip winners who are good business people.

They are good in solving problems and solving problems doesn’t mean that you have to fix something of the house, but problem solving is taking decisions. Knowing what to do if this happens now, okay, what can I do to solve it? Not postponing it, because if you postpone it, the problem gets bigger. It’s like a monster that gets bigger and bigger, and then it will be super difficult to just kill that monster. Right. But if you face the problem in the right moment, whenever it appears, and if you don’t allow it to grow, it’s the best thing you can do. And this is a, I would say it’s a skill that is super important to develop.

If you decide to be the creator of your income, because if you work for someone else, probably they are the ones deciding and they are also the ones responsible for the result of their company. But if you are your own income creator, you have to be very good in problem solving because we all face different problems. And this is something that happens to everyone and in case you didn’t know, everyone goes through the same things. I face many problems every day, but I learned how to quickly react to them and to solve them as soon as possible and that is very important because there are people who will pay a lot of money for someone else to solve their problems.

And it’s fine. We can, look for a service that can help us, but it’s not good if we don’t learn out of that. We have to learn how to train our mind and being fast and quick and finding a solution. And here even though John Maxwell is not saying that I personally learned in my life experience that having a creative mind working in credit and creativity to have a fast mind thinking for solutions is super important. And as you might know, our brain can only think in a positive way or negative at once the brain can’t think the two ways at the same time. Right? So if you have a positive attitude of you think positively, you will be creative. Your mind cannot be creative. You can’t find solutions. If you are in a negative environment or with negative thoughts, you have to get out of that. You have to break that cycle and get into positive thoughts in order to be creative and to find solutions and being creative means. Problem solving responsibility and this has to do a lot with the commitments being responsible for the things that you want to achieve and being responsible with the people surrounding you, taking things serious. Right? So especially if you work with people, if you have an influence on people that is very important, you have to be very responsible with that you’re not here to influence the negative. You’re here to share whatever you can to maybe have a positive impact on someone else. And that is a huge responsibility, a huge one, honestly, self-discipline he talks about self-discipline and that is a point that I know for myself that is very important.

And it’s not easy, but it is super important because self-discipline then leads to prioritizing waking up early, being proactive. I mean, self discipline is present in so many different other skills or so many different other aspects. It was also present in commitment because if you don’t have this discipline of saying, no, I’m sticking to that, I wanted to achieve this. So I’m sticking to it. And it doesn’t matter how hard it is today. Maybe tomorrow it’s a little bit easier, but even if it’s hard today, I’m sticking to my decision and I’m walking towards that. Have you ever experienced that you started a diet and, and the first days are so difficult that you just want to give up? The heart is a super good example for a commitment because. If you manage to go through this first period that is difficult, where your body doesn’t want to do that, the body doesn’t want to have less sugar or the body doesn’t want to have less carbs. Right? And the buddy’s asking for it and makes it very difficult. But if you go through that period, if you manage to go through it and stick to it at some point, it’s super easy to follow them, the diet or the same happens. If you decide to go to the gym and every day, 30 minutes of sports or cardio or whatever at the beginning, it will be super hard. And at some point that just appears because it became a habit. Right. And self-discipline is present in all of these aspects. And last but not least one point that I really like about what John Maxwell says or any other expert in leadership is vision. I am a true believer that it’s not easy. I know that cause it took me some while, but if we really take time to feel rather than to think, because it has to be with our feelings to feel what is important for us.

Why are we willing to leave our comfort zone? What is the truth behind that result that we’re looking for? What is behind that? What is really behind that? What is the emotion? Why are we willing to do all of these things? Usually that is our purpose. So if we really invest some time in getting. Into our thoughts and into our feelings and really finding out why we want to do this. What is so important to us? What w what will it be like to I don’t know, start or promote or help with before our life and what is important to us? That we would really be super sad if the day that our life ends, we couldn’t achieve that, or we couldn’t do that, or we didn’t start it.

And your vision should be super clear because if you don’t have that facing difficult times can be devastating, but facing difficult times with a clear vision and a clear purpose makes things so much easier because you know why you’re doing it. You know, why you’re willing to get out step out of your comfort zone, why you’re willing to receive a lot of rejection because it’s because of something bigger, there is something bigger that you really want to achieve.

I hope that these qualities that I mentioned today could help you maybe think of what you can, um, work on or what you’re super good in and what you can share with others. And I’m really excited about your comments. I want to know. What do you think that is also very important for a leader or to develop good leadership?

See you all next week!



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