My Thoughts On Our Time In Lockdown.

My Thoughts On Our Time In Lockdown.

QUARANTINE! So.. yeah, we have to be very sincere and very honest with each other. And I think lockdown and quarantine. Hasn’t been easy for any of us. We all were put out of our comfort zones. From one day to another, even though in some countries that happened earlier than others, but somehow a few months ago, no one was thinking that this would happen, right?

It wasn’t in our plans. We weren’t mentally prepared for any of this. And we all, somehow we’re put into a situation that wasn’t great or even comfortable. Even though, quarantine has had its positive sides too. But I am very sure that almost everyone felt that they were put in a situation that wasn’t that comfortable as their normal life. In my opinion, at the beginning I though “wow, I have a lot of time to watch tv, go through my clothes and see what I like what I don’t like, to read all of those books that I stacked on my desk and I never had time to read.” We have done all of that, but we have to also recognize the truth that, this lockdown had it’s difficult times too.

So today I want to talk about my feelings during this time because it’s very important to be honest with ourselves and to accept a situation that we don’t like. For me, I don’t enjoy being at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my house but not being able to go outside and take a walk or take the bike and go around the city is hard to let go of. But at the same time, even though we accept that we don’t like the situation, we have to decide how to emotionally handle that. Because as a society, it’s already difficult. There’s so much drama, real drama happening and sadness all around. And we are the ones who are responsible for deciding how we handle our emotions. And especially when situations are difficult, it’s the best time to work on our beliefs. It’s the best time to work on our emotional patterns to improve something, to change something, and to try to see things from a different perspective so that the emotional outcome is different for us.

A very good exercise is to break what we thought was meant to happen. And shift your mindset to be this is how it is now. There was a situation that we couldn’t choose. No one chose to be locked in their houses and no one chose for this world to go through this pandemic and no one chose to lose their jobs and lose a family member. No one chose that. We have to understand that even though it’s a situation we didn’t choose. If it’s happening, we are the ones who can decide how much this is affecting us emotionally. And this is a very good trick that I learned years ago that has helped me throughout my life. Even though our brain already has a connection made, I  feel like that we are the ones that can change this connection.

And this is only possible if we do a very conscious exercise to see what the patterns are behind our emotions. If I lose someone I  will, of course, be upset, but I can also be sad and think to myself, “okay, if I only see the negative side, I will be stuck in this negative mindset.” It’s okay to experience all the emotions, even sadness. But, it’s important to also welcome the positive things into your life to help you. And if I see how I can go through it there’s always different options and we can decide which one we choose. 

It has also been difficult for us to spend so many hours with other people, right? Especially if you’re in lockdown with your family or your partner. Somehow you would see each other daily, but somehow you would have also your time at work or your time alone, which is very important. And suddenly you’re spending 24 hours, three to four months in a row with this other person or with these other people. And that is challenging too, because it’s different. We’ve never done that before. And naturally, this can bring tensions of being more stressed or getting into a fight with someone else. This might happen because we were all more sensitive. But again, we can decide how we experience things and how we want to handle them.

We can totally understand that the other person is stressed and that we are stressed, but we can also understand that this stress is maybe the cost that we are angry at the other one. And we understand that we can also change it. It’s just a situation. I don’t need to be angry at this other person. The situation is we are all a little bit nervous. Let’s come down and maybe you just go to your room and spend five minutes alone and just get out of this negative spiral. These are little tricks that you can do. 

It’s always a matter of a decision.

I  know many people may not like this. I  didn’t like it at the beginning. When I started on a statement, like most of the things that happened in my life, it’s a matter of the decisions I took in the past. And I  didn’t like it because I realized it was my responsibility and it’s always easier in life when the responsibility is on someone. But once you accept this, and even though lockdown has many negative things, as I said before, it also has positives as well. Maybe you had the chance to read those books that you wanted to read. Maybe you also had the chance to enjoy the company of your family, because maybe you don’t see them that often. And when you see them, you never invest time to talk about how you all feel or what you have done during the day. And this trying time has also given many people the opportunity to create a stronger bond with each other and with their loved ones, maybe it also gives you the option to be creative and change the way you work.

Because this is a fact that many people faced. A lot of people had to work from home for the companies they work for. They’ve had to build a room or a space in their house to be able to work from home. But then a lot of people who are entrepreneurs and business people, they had to reinvent their business almost 100%.

And that is super interesting because of course along the way there have been people who have had to close their business or let go of some of their employees and that’s very sad, but then also many other businesses or entrepreneurs realize that they could do things in a different way. And that this could even save them money and that it was perfectly a reality to work from home and not having to pay rent for an office. It has also helped open people to new technologies that they may have not been that comfortable with before. We were forced to because we all had to. 

In my opinion this has all been a challenging time. Full of good times and bad. But I choose to believe that I’ve learned a lot in this process. I’ve learned that I was doing things in my business that were not necessary. And thanks to this quarantine, I just realized how much I love my family and my friends. And sometimes we take it for granted. In a situation like this, we really understand how much we love them. And it gave me the opportunity to tell everyone how I feel about them and that I love them.

 So it’s always a matter of how you want to approach things. Some things you can change them, but you can decide how this affects you and how you want to flow with it or react on that. And this will of course have an impact on your results. 

I  hope you all are doing well. Let me know how lock down changed you. 

See you all next time!



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