My Start Into My 15 Year Journey In Networking Marketing

My Start Into My 15 Year Journey In Networking Marketing

Hello, everyone! This is Sarai Jacobs. I’d love to share my story on how I became an entrepreneur and how I ended up doing what I’m doing now, because, it was never in my plans. It happened totally unexpected. And that’s what I love most about it, that it just happened. And I just let it flow.

I’m now living a lifestyle that I didn’t think I could have. And that I love that and believe everyone can have it too. 

I studied communication and event management and, I have to say, I really liked what I studied. I especially liked that it was something that always involved teamwork. I would never work alone. I would always need other people with other talents to work with me. And that was something that was driving me a lot. 

One day while I was studying, my mother got to know an amazing product and we started to take the product at home and I was feeling super good by taking that.

We found out later on that this product was connected with a business opportunity. But at the beginning, we didn’t know this. We were just super happy being consumers of the product. I started sharing it with everyone. The same way, you share a movie that you like, or a book that you like, or even a restaurant or an app or a website.

As humans, we share things that we like and that have done good to us. And I just did that too. I was just sharing my results of my testimonial with that product. And I  found that there were a lot of people that were interested too. And they would ask me how to get the product. And I would just tell them how I was buying it so that they could buy it too.

I wasn’t aware that by just recommending something that you’re enjoying you can gain an income from that. Because of someone else was the main reason for this business model to work. So there is an industry called network marketing, and that was so new to me.

I hadn’t heard about it before. No one ever taught me that there was this business model. And I found out when I got paid from the company. And let me tell you, I  didn’t expect to be paid. I was just a happy consumer! I didn’t expect to get money from them. 

Then, one day I get money and I was like, “okay, maybe there’s a mistake here.” So I got in touch with them and they told me, “no, no, no, that’s totally right. Your recommendation, just sharing these products, was the reason for many other people to be able to get the product. We don’t invest in advertisement on TV, radio, social media.

We just believe that if a consumer is happy, the same consumer will be the one sharing this information with others. And therefore we want to reward you for connecting others to the product. This way, we share the benefit.” 

I was totally amazed by that because I was thinking like, “wow, I’m recommending so many things every day and I never got paid”.

I never got popcorn from the cinema for recommending a movie. I never got a free book or a free entry at a restaurant for recommending a restaurant. And suddenly, they tell me that because I have been sharing something that I would have shared any way I was getting paid. 

That was amazing. I decided I needed to dig a little bit deeper into this industry and into this business model because I wanted to understand it. I really liked it. And one of the first things that I found out is that, it’s all about teamwork. And there again, I see, that what was driving me in my studies was present in this business model too.

That made me fall in love immediately. I never liked the point that for someone to win, there has to be another one losing. I don’t feel comfortable if I’m winning it’s because someone else isn’t. However, I totally feel comfortable with a win, win situation. And that’s a reality. There are many ways to create a win, win situation.

In this business, if I’m winning, if I’m achieving something new, it’s always because I’m also helping someone else to win and achieve something new. And that, that just gives me a bigger motivation to keep on going. 

At the same time I was still studying. And as I told you, my expectations were totally different.

I thought that I would become a freelancer in communication and event management. And I did a little bit of that. But, my life turned around and went to a totally different direction. I started to share these amazing products with more and more and MORE people. But suddenly I wasn’t the only one sharing it because the people that I shared at the beginning with, they were so happy that they were sharing it with other people too!

And the people that I was sharing with a little bit later, they were so happy that they were sharing it with other people too. And that had a reaction, soon we were like the communication force for the product! And we all began generating little commissions. If you get a little, and little from here and there, at the end, you have a bigger income.

What I’ve come to love most about the income in this industry is passive income. It’s not that it’s passive, but it’s like being an actor and I’m getting royalties from your movies or being a great singer and getting royalties from your music. Every time that someone listens to that song, you get money, right?

So network marketing uses the same way of paying us whenever someone that has been somehow informed by us or through someone that we informed by something, I will get a little commission because I somehow made it happen. And the great thing about it is that, I started sharing these products in Spain where I live. And I definitely shared this information with many people from different countries, but I didn’t share it with as many people as the countries that are right now in my organization.

That’s the point I didn’t, but someone else did. We all know people, who know people, who know people. And, we’re living in a connected world and a globalized world. It’s amazing how it works. We’re all connected with each other. And this is something that continues to amaze me. 

So maybe you’re living in a country and people start buying the products in a totally different country that you never expected to have a relationship with and maybe even less, a professional relationship with. 

So that started happening for me. And, at the same time, I finished my studies and I thought, “Okay. If with the little time that I’m having invested during my studies, I could achieve already a good result. What would happen if I now invest more time in getting to know this industry better and investing knowledge and time in me to become a professional in this industry?” 

And here, I want to go back to the point of becoming a professional because you cannot expect having great results in any industry. If you don’t take it seriously.

If you’re not serious about it. If you’re not mature, you will have the result of an amateur. If you want to have good results, great results, you have to become professional in what you’re doing. And that takes, knowledge. It also takes a lot of experience.

A lot of real life experience. So I decided, “okay, let’s see what happens if I invest a little bit more time in this. And if I invest a little more than myself and getting to know that better and learning to become a professional in this industry, what could happen?” And I’m so, so, so, so thankful that I gave myself the opportunity because often we, let opportunities go or we don’t take them serious because of our fears actually.

Will I be able to do that? Uh, I don’t know. Will I get a lot of rejection? What will other people think about me? It was a huge deal for me at the beginning. I barely knew the industry and the few things I knew about the industry were like how they used to work 50 years ago. And I  couldn’t identify myself with that way of working, but I wasn’t aware that as any other industry, this industry is evolving. Every day.

The way we work in this business is totally different to the way people worked 50 years ago when they didn’t have the technology and the social media we have right now. So that was a big deal at the beginning for me. What will others think of me? They know that I’m doing this and if I’m not really doing what I studied for, but at some point I just, I let it go.

And I thought, you know what? To me, it’s more important to focus on what I  can achieve and the type of lifestyle that I can have than what other people think of me. The only thing that I will regret at some point in my life is not having done something that I really wanted to do.

You will never be a hundred percent perfect for everyone. Some people might like you, others might not. Some people might identify with you. Others might not, and that’s fine. You have to be okay with that. And you have to feel that you’re in line with what you want to achieve with who you want to be.

If you’re not being truthful with that person that you want to be, then you shouldn’t care what others think, it’s more important of what you think of yourself. 

I decided to just go for it. And, I’m super thankful that I did it and that I just said, “okay, I don’t have results now, and I don’t really know to do it yet, but I’ll just try it and I’ll just learn.”

I’ll just copy from the ones that have the results that I want to have. Let’s see what happens. And of course it’s a process. Nothing happens overnight, but in these years that I’ve been professionally developing network marketing I’ve had the opportunity to live a lifestyle that many people in my age are, are not able to.

I’ve always been a person that needs to see the world, to be able to feel freedom. Freedom is a very tricky word. Sometimes we confuse living in a country where we are politically free, (where here’s a democracy with what freedom really means) but are you free to decide whenever you want to travel somewhere or how much time you want to spend with a person?

Or how long your holidays should be? And, how much you want to earn? Are you free to choose that? Because that is the most important freedom. I saw that for myself that even though I wanted to become a freelancer in the communication and event management area, I would have never had the chance to be as functional free as I am right now.

I would have always depended on a project for someone else on how much they decided to pay me. They would tell me to work or when I could have holidays. And nowadays I live in a totally different way. I might be traveling and having holidays, but at the same time I can be working from my phone or my computer.

And, the same way I can be working for three days and just take two or three days off because I need it. I  can also be generating income to have a better lifestyle for myself, but I can also have something, this vehicle to generate an income, to invest in projects that I want to invest.

For instance, to me, it’s very important to, to be able to help in social, animal, and environmental projects, because it’s something I believe in. And it’s something that I always wanted to do. And I kind of did, by donating maybe $10 a month to an NGO. But now, I  can really, invest or donate much more money and even give my time for that cost.

That has a bigger impact. And that has been only possible to me because I created a system through this business model. I created a system where I invested a lot of time at the beginning and maybe I didn’t see the results that fast, but at some point this turned around and I didn’t have to invest that much time to generate the same results.

And then I just had to invest less time to generate the same results or a little bit better. And at that point, when you have a way for the income to come to you, and you still have free time. This is the magical point because you can decide how you use your time, how you invest your time, where you put your time in.

And to me, it makes much more sense to put my time in being with my family, with my loved ones, but also being able to volunteer with projects that I feel aligned with than just work. And just being in an office and, “oh, one more day until the weekend” or wishing for your holidays to arrive is not a lifestyle I wanted for myself. 

So that’s why when I found out a little bit more about what network marketing, I chose to go this path and it’s a vehicle. It doesn’t mean that I can not be working as a communication professional. I can, if I want to. But, I can because I have vehicle that is already providing me what I need to live.

I have the time to do the other things as, hobbies. If you have been approached by someone talking to you about network marketing, or if you’re seeing this video and you feel identified with it, I can only recommend you that you really have a look at it, that you considered it because they have nothing to lose.

Actually, you can always stop. Anytime. But, you can win a lot. And I did win a lot, a lot, honestly.

See you all next time! 



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