How To Have A Positive Mindset In Business.

How To Have A Positive Mindset In Business.

Hello everyone. This is Sarah Jacobs! Today I want to talk about positivity. It has a lot to do with motivation, which we spoke about in another blog post, but it’s different, it has similarities, but it’s totally a different topic. Being motivated is one thing being positive is another thing.

So quite a lot I get the comment or the question like “why are you always this happy?” and it even seems like it bothers people that I’m happy. That’s really sad, I have to say, because happiness is not that everything is going a hundred percent perfect in your life. Happiness is a decision and it might not sound nice to you, or you might not like that, but it’s like that. Happiness is only a decision. And many years ago, I decided that I wanted to be happy because I preferred to see things in life with that attitude. And with that perspective, then in another way, why? Because it has an impact on us, the way we see things, the perspective we decide to have on things, we’ll have a direct connection to our feelings and to our actions and how we feel about ourselves.

 So many years ago, I decided, “you will be a happy person”. I want to be happy because I prefer to do that exercise. And it has many more benefits to me being happy, then not being happy and positivity has to do directly with us happiness, scientifically proven. We know that the brain can only be thinking in positive or negative, but not both at the same time. So with this set, we have to understand that is on us to decide what kind of thoughts they want to have. And I’m being very honest with you. I’m not always having positive thoughts. I’m a human being. And of course I will have negative thoughts every now and then. But there is a big difference of just having thoughts that you don’t control or having thoughts that you understand or you recognize that was a negative thought. Do I really want to have that part? Does it have any benefit for me and in the moment where you recognize that you are having that kind of thoughts, you’re able to change that and to direct the direction of the thoughts.

So having said that if you can only think negative or positive at the same time, it’s your decision, what kind of thoughts do you want to have when you have a negative thought? If you recognize that an alarm comes up, this is a negative type of thought. What you can do is being very honest with yourself and say, “why do I have this thought? “Well, it happens that I did something that I could have done much better. Okay. Fair enough. So, what can I learn out of a situation? What could I improve that might have a different outcome? If I’m in the same situation and you might start thinking of solutions. Okay. Uh, so a negative thought if it’s with an alarm, gives you the opportunity to think of that, to reconstruct the situation and to make a learning out of that to understand what you can improve for the next time.

Having solutions, being able to think of solutions is only possible if you have a positive mindset. Albert Einstein said it, and he was very clear with that. And I totally agree with him on that. You will not be able to find the solution if you’re in the same mindset that created the problem. So if your attitude or your mindset was a little bit negative, and this problem was created with that mindset, you will never be able to find a solution if you’re still in the mindset age.

You might have to switch to mindset B because B has a totally different perspective B is outside of the problem and business. When we talk about thinking outside the box, right? Having a creative mind is super important because we all face situations in our daily lives that need our creativity and our speed in our mind to find a solution.

So, if you want to find solutions, if you want to go towards that, if you want to be solution driven person, you need to work on your mindset. You need to work with your positivity, because solutions can only be found with a positive mindset because positivity equals creativity. If you’ve recognized that you are having a negative thought, don’t blame yourself. Just have an alert, try to learn out of that situation and turn this negative thought into a positive thought. Because if you learn something out of that instantly, it becomes something positive because you gained something out of that situation.

As I said, happiness has a lot to do with positivity because happiness is just a decision approach of life, how you want to experience life, how you want to see things, how you want to solve things. If you decide to be happy, you have to work on your positive mindset. There is no other way.  It’s all a decision and we might not like that. Because it means that it’s our responsibility, a hundred percent our responsibility, but it’s the truth. If you want to be a happy person, you have to decide to be a happy person. You’d have to invest a lot in your mind. You have to invest a lot in getting to know yourself, getting there.

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