How I Commit To A Productive Day As An Entrepreneur

How I Commit To A Productive Day As An Entrepreneur

Hello, everyone! This is Sarai Jacobs. Today. we’re going to be talking about habits and a routine. A question I get asked a lot – “what do you do to stay motivated? What do you do to have so much focus? Or, how do you keep on going, even if things are not perfect?” 

This is something that I felt that whenever I follow the routine, things are just better. Results are better. And when I don’t follow the routine, because I’m not perfect, I also fail, I find that my results just aren’t that great that day.

That’s why, today I want to share with you what works best as a routine. If you’re an entrepreneur,  these are steps I highly recommend you take. You have to have a mind to really  improve yourself, to achieve your better results and to achieve your goals. 

First things first! Before you fall asleep, make a checklist for the next day.

That is very important. You can decide if you do it on paper, if you do it on your phone, or if you just mentally. Do this checklist! You need to have a clear idea of what you will have to do the next day. Who you want to call or which emails you  might have to answer. 

Once you have this checklist done, you have to prioritize things. You have to see what comes first and what comes second. If you don’t do this, if you don’t give all these tasks the right order, you will get lost and you will get lost in time. I mean, if you’re an entrepreneur, you have felt that I’m sure, that sometimes the day is too short. Have you ever thought, “how come I’ve been working for 10 hours and I have the feeling, it was only two and I still have so much to do.”

If you’ve feeling like you can’t finish all of your tasks for the day it may be because you haven’t prioritized things correctly. We don’t give it the right order. So once you do this checklist, it’s very important to see what is most important to task that day. What comes second? What can I set aside as the last thing for the day?

And, to add to this point, it’s also very important to find out in what time frame are you best at taking decisions? Because there will be tasks that can be easy, like answering an email or doing a phone call or making a payment, but there might be tasks where you have to take decisions. And it’s important to place these tasks in a timeframe where you know, that you’re mentally awake, that you’re in your mental state, where you can really take the best decisions.

Now, this will be different from one person to another. There are people were totally morning people, people were totally night people, people are I mid day/afternoon people. You will have to find out for yourself.  Just be sure that the tasks where taking decisions are involved are in the timeframe where you’re most productive. 

Another very good tip that I learned and that I really want to share with you is to wake up and give yourself time to be still. Usually, we have the instinct to grab our phone because nowadays, the phone is not only a phone. It’s a wallet, it’s a TV, it’s an alarm clock. It’s everything! Don’t worry, this happens to me too.

We all have the instinct to wake up with the alarm on the phone and we directly grabbed the phone and start looking for emails, messages, social media and so on. Even if you’re doing the action of grabbing the phone, give yourself a few seconds. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but give yourself a few seconds of time to project the energy and the attitude that you want to have for that day. “Today will be a great day. I will rock it at this meeting! I will have a lot of strength. I will be super motivated today.” If you start the day, just by saying a few things like this, projecting yourself like this, the attitude that you will have and the energy that you will put throughout the day will be totally different. And you will have good moments. You will have difficult moments. You will even have boring moments. You have moments of everything, and it really makes a difference what kind of attitude you have to face all these moments.

So if you start the day just by saying what you want to project throughout  the day, that will give you a totally different energy and power that will help you a lot. And remember, especially when you’re an entrepreneur, you are the responsible one to fill your fuel tank, to have the motivation, to stay focused.

It’s all on you. If you feel that you’re not motivated, you have to do things  that get you back into that motivation. You cannot rely on someone or put that responsibility on someone else. It’s all on you. So set the day with the attitude and the energy that  is best for you.

Then I have my breakfast. I recommend you have a healthy breakfast. You have your cup of coffee, your cup of tea, or your energetic drink. I myself, have a natural energetic drink every day, because that helps my mind wake up. It helps me start moving, thinking faster, and adds to my creativity.

After a good, healthy breakfast – we go to work! And we start with the tasks that we prioritize the day before. It’s very important that throughout the day we find little moments, it doesn’t have to be a lot, but little moments where we can just connect with ourselves again. Where we can close our eyes, maybe listen to some music that makes us relax, maybe even use a meditation app.

 Just try to  get in touch with yourself and connect with yourself. You will really see a huge difference. We all know that once you start, once you get into the daily rhythm, a lot of things can happened that maybe were unexpected.

You got a call that you didn’t expect. And you suddenly have to write five emails you didn’t expect and you get into this stress, right? We all know that. So it’s very important to find these moments where you can just connect with yourself again, you can close your eyes and you just let go from all the tasks.

You have to do it, even if it’s one minute or less. Just think of your peaceful mind.  Also throughout the day or at one point of the day, doesn’t matter, you decide that. Try to make some time for exercise. Exercise is not only good to stay healthy and fit physically, but exercise is also very important to stay healthy and fit mentally.

And as we just mentioned, taking care of our mental health. Our mental health is very important when we are entrepreneurs, our mind creates our reality and we have a lot of power with our minds. And a lot of times, we’re not even aware of the power we have. So investing in our mind (and that means investing in our inner peace investing and our creativity), is super important.

It’s super important for everyone, but it’s even more important if you’re an entrepreneur, because everything depends on you, you make things happen or you make things not happen. That’s a reality too. 

So, we’ve had these little breaks. We have lunch. Lunch is very important! You need food to fuel your body. I’ll give you a little tip – don’t have a heavy lunch, even if you’re very hungry, try to have a healthy and light lunch. If you eat something that is too heavy, the meal twill need all your energy for digesting that, and you won’t have enough energy to keep on working

Heavy meals interrupt with the productivity of your day. I have a light and healthy lunch. This will help you have the energy  to keep on going!

Once you are done, I recommend that you get your body moving and get some exercise. This is a great way to break up the day too! 

Try to celebrate  great things you did in your day. Like answering all of your emails, rocking it at that meeting you were nervous about, whatever it is, celebrate it! I also make a list of the things that I can improve, because that will give you the motivation to keep on going, to just become better and better.  And to getting closer to this version of yourself that you want to become. This is something I talk about a lot with people. It’s not only who we are now, it’s that the version of ourselves that we want to become. And pursuing that version, will help us become better and better every day.

I hope sharing my routine has helped you!nIt’s something that helps me a lot, throughout my days. And as I mentioned before, I’m not perfect. I fail too, but whenever I do it and I do it right, I feel such a difference in my results. Whenever we’re  lazy, because that’s the word, whenever I’m lazy and I don’t want to put too much effort in having the right attitude, the right mindset. The results are different too. They are worse. 

So I encourage you to work on this routine. It’s a habit. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnights. You will have to force it the first days. And at some point it will be so natural that you don’t even think about it!

See you all next time!



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