I was born in Germany and later on, grew up in Spain. Growing up with two cultures has had an immense impact on me! I think that is the reason why I love it so much to meet new people and discover places with a different reality to mine.

I feel so blessed that I was born in a very creative family. Our parents always wanted us to discover new things and they really made a bit of effort so that we could be open-minded people and see the world as one. Some of the values I appreciate most of what our parents taught us are respect, self-love, believing in ourselves, loving people for who they are, and chasing our goals in life.

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where I had to decide what to study I felt completely lost. Thank God my parents were so open-minded that they decided to give me one year to find out what I really wanted to do. And that led to a year full of adventures in Australia, but, to be completely honest with you,  the last thing I did while I was there was thinking of my future studies. After that sabbatical year I ended up choosing a Communication and Event Planning degree because I liked the idea of working with other people on projects and I wanted to create a communication agency once I finished the studies because I already had the desire to be an entrepreneur.

But life is full of surprises! And while I was still studying and living at my parents’ place, one day I came home and my mother was super excited about something she had been informed of. Can you imagine how intrigued I felt?

She started telling me how she had finally found a business model that made her feel so motivated that she couldn’t wait to start. And that was the beginning of how my mother transitioned from being a Doctor to an Entrepreneur.

When I digged more into that business model she was referring to I realized it was also something that I could see myself doing.


that I can travel and spend time with projects that fulfill me. I need to feel that I like the version of myself that I am evolving into.  To me the lifestyle of being able to discover the world that is out there is super important. I love the idea that this freedom allows me to discover things of myself that I wasn’t aware of.

And that were the benefits I immediately identified of working that way.

I came up with this epiphany the day my grandfather was ill and about to pass away. My mom could go and spend time with him because she had already the freedom to decide how much time to spend anywhere in the world. She had the flexibility to go and spend time with her family, especially in those hard moments.

More than a decade later I feel I couldn’t have chosen better. That’s how I became what I am now. Being able to work from a computer or a phone while traveling, plus not having any employees but thousands of business partners is something I had never imagined at the beginning. I love to help other entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses, so they can achieve the same freedom I have.

When your job helps you gain passive income and also helps other people, it becomes a vehicle for you to grow more each day.